How to change Mac on Huawei Wimax BM622m Permanently

How to change BM622m Mac

BM622m Change Mac Permanent

This tutorial is for changing your BM622m Mac address Permanently.

First Step:

Log in using this:
Username: User
Password: 0SlO051O

BM622m Change Mac Permanent

Second Step:
then check "telnet" and Apply.

Third Step:

Click Run or go to CMD and type 

BM622m Change Mac Permanent

Fourth Step:
Login : Firefly
Password: $P4mb1h1r4N4m4nT0!!
sncfg dset WAN_MAC XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX
sncfg dset LAN_MAC XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX
sncfg commit
sncfg reload

Fifth Step:

Copy your wan mac address and generate it using wimax pass gen
Just download Pass Gen or download WiMax Toll v3.3

Last Step:

Go to and apply your user and password generated in step 5.


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  1. Why search for any other method when we have this particular tutorial that provides the stepwise method to change the mac address of huwaei win max adapter.

    Silvester Norman

    Change MAC Address

    1. Yup you can also use that too.
      Your welcome @Silver - Thanks for Parking.