Wimax Config Patch Protection

Configuration Tweaking Benefits:
  • Prevents your MAC from being stolen. 
  • To avoid blank WAN cause by other users.
  • Theoretically blocks the FWD (Firmware Destroyer) 
  • Ease of use, Goodbye to Password generators. 
Lets Proceed:

Step 1

Log-in to the Web-Based Utility (Administrator)  

wimax config patch protection

Step 2
Click Advance - ACL - Unchek WAN
Then click Apply 

wimax config patch protection

Step 3
Click Maintain - Device - Configuration 

wimax config patch protection
Then click Download Configuration File
Click Advance Download Configuration file

wimax config patch protection
Step 4
Rename file extension with .xml
(Renaming helps To see color coded script.)
Step 5
Edit each downloaded config downloadconfigfile and downloadcarconfigfile.

Edit the default user: user login and make it a admin user so you don't need to genearte password from MAC address. Just change user level 2 the default is 1.
wimax config patch protection

If you want to edit PACKAGE DATE just look below the config find similar to date and edit it. then SAVE.
wimax config patch protection

STEP 6 (Last Steps)
  • Go to Maintain - Device - Advance
  • Then click browse and locate the file that you edit downloadcarconfigfile.xml
  • Click Upload Default Configuration File
  • Go to Maintain - Device- Configuration
  • Click browse and locate the file that you edit downloadcarconfigfile
See below: 
wimax config patch protection

wimax config patch protection

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