BM622 Blank Wan Fixed | Solve!

BM622 Blank Wan Solve!

This tuts is working for WiMax BM622 Modem having a Blank Wan status. In this post it will show you how to fix BM622 Blank Wan by means of upgrading your modem.

  • How to fix BM622 Blank Wan
  • How to fix WiMax BM622 Blank Wan
  • BM622 Blank Wan Problem Solve
  • How to fix WiMax Blank Wan Modem 
  • Manual upgrade BM622 via CMD
  • enable telnet
  • follow this
Login: wimax
PASS: wimax820

ATP> display allmacaddr
ATP> setallmacaddr "enter your Mac"
ATP> save
ATP> exit
After Successful Upgrade (Go to telnet)

PASS: $P4mb1h1r4N4m4nT0!!

ATP> display allmacaddr
ATP> "set serial number command"
ATP> xiugai macdizhi "Your Mac"
ATP> diag restore default

Done! {Blank Wan Solve}

For Manual Upgrade via CMD
1. Copy the bm622firmware.bin to c:\(your firmware file location)
2. RUN cmd
3. cd "c:/" then press Enter
4. tftp –i put bm622firmware.bin
5. wait till finish
6. done! 

For complete information about how to upgrade BM622 go here:

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