Unlimited Call and Text Promos for Globe | Smart | SUN Cellular

Globe Unli Call, Unli Text, and Text To All Networks Promo

Here is the list of Globe Unlimited calls and texts plus unlimited texts to all networks! New Globe UNLITXT, UNLICALL, UNLIText to all Networks. Texts and calls your friends non-stop anytime, anywhere! Also included unlimited texts to all networks for affordable price.Just follow the simple instructions below on how to register and to subscribe.

By subscribing to this promo, you can enjoy UNLIMITED TEXTS to all Globe/TM friends for only P49.00 and that is valid for 7 days/1 week!

Just text:
GOUNLITXT49 and send it to 8888
Or you can also dial *143# and choose GoSAKTO. 

Globe GoUNLI30
Globe GoUNLI30

New from Globe. Enjoy your unlimited texts and calls using Viber, enjoy real-time IM conversations via FB messenger with your Globe/TM Friends and also UNLIMITED TEXTS TO ALL NETWORKS! 

Not just that, you can also enjoy UNLI CHAT with your friends with the best Chat App from Globe like GMessage, WhatsApp, LINE and send cute, animated stickers using Kakao, and even leave personalized walkie-talkie voice messages using WeChat can be used for FREE.

To register, just text:
GOUNLI30 and send it to 8888
Or you can also dial *143# and choose GoSAKTO.


The biggest offer from Globe Prepaid! Enjoy and get unlimited texts to all networks (Globe, TM, Smart, Talk 'n Text, Sun and Red Mobile), plus 10 minutes of calls to all Globe/TM friends PLUS 1 hour free mobile internet, valid for 1 day for ONLY P25.00

To subscribe to this promo, just text:
UALLPLUS25 and send it to 8888
Please maintain P1 balance while availing this service.

SUN Unlimited Call And Text Combo Promo

Looking for affordable SUN Unlicall & text combo? Here it is. The new Sun Cellular Unlimited Call & Texts for Sun-to-Sun plus Mobile Internet plus FREE Texts to Other Network with Bonus Free Regular Load. Continue to keep in touch with your friends in other networks! Want to register to this promo? Select your promo and register with the following codes below!

  • SUN SIM/Subscribers
  • Activated/Open GPRS/3G connection for the mobile internet promo.

List of SUN Call And Text Promo Codes 2013

Sun Unlimited Call & Text 1-day for P25.00

CTU25 Send to 247
  • Text CTU25 Send to 247
    1-day Sun-to-Sun unlimited call and text
  • 50 FREE texts to all other networks
  • 30 minutes of mobile internet (Twitter & Facebook)

Sun Unlimited Call & Text 2-days for P50.00

 CTU50 Send to 247
  • Text CTU50 Send to 247
  • 2-days Sun-to-Sun Unlimited Call & Text
  • 150 FREE texts to other networks
  • 30 minutes of mobile internet

Sun Unlimited Call & Text 5-days for P100.00

CTU100 Send to 247
  • Text CTU100 Send to 247
    5-days Sun-to-Sun Unlimited Call & Texts
  • 200 FREE Texts to other networks
  • 30 minutes of mobile Internet

Sun Unlimited Call & Text 7-days for P150.00

CTU150 Send to 247
  • Text CTU150 Send to 247
  • 7-days or 1-week Unlimited Call & Texts with Sun friends
  • 250 FREE texts to other networks
  • 30 minutes of mobile Internet 
  • additional P25.00 regular load

Sun Unlimited Call & Text 30-days for P450.00

CTU450 Send to 247
  • Text CTU450 Send to 247
  • 30-days or 1-month Sun Unlimited Call & Texts with Sun Friends
  • 500 FREE Texts to other networks
  • 90 minutes of unlimited mobile Internet
  • P50.00 regular load
  • Please wait for the confirmation message before sending texts messages.
  • Additional instruction included in the confirmation messages.
  • Enjoy your subscription to SUN Promos.
  • Text message will be sent if your registration is already expired.
  • This promo is only valid and available to all SUN Subscribers in Philippines nationwide.

Sun Cellular Unlimited Text Promos 2013

To all SUN Subscribers, here is the list of SUN's Unlimited Text Promos. If your looking for an Unlimited Text in Sun Cellular just choose your promos below and follow the instruction on how to subscribe.

Affordable Sun Cellular 1 day Unlimited Text for as low as P10.00 or called Winner 10 valid for 1 whole day!

Register To Unlimited Text for 1-day or called WinnerText10

  • Type WIN10 Send to 247
  • Enjoy your 1-day unlimited text Sun-to-Sun plus 5-minutes call on Sun Friends

Register to Unlimited Text 2-days or Text Unlimited P20

  • Type TU20 Send to 247
  • 2-days Sun-to-Sun Unlimited Text + 20-minutes bonus call to Sun friends

Unlimited Text P50, Unlimited Text for 7-days/1-week

  •  TU50 Send to 247
  • 7-days or 1-week Unlimited Text to Sun friends plus the 1-hour free calls

Unlimited Text for 30-days/1-month, try this Unlimited TextP150

  • Type TU150 Send to 247 
  • 30-days or 1-month Unlimited Text with friends + the bonus 4-hours call, good for 1-month

Unlimited Text for 1-month, the Unlimited P200

  • Type TU200 Send to 247
  • UnlimitedP200 has 30-days unlimited text and 4hours bonus call to Sun friends
  • 500 Free Texts to Other Network

Globe Unli Call, Unli Text, and Text To All Networks Promo

New incredible Unlimited Texts Promo from SUN. The new SUN POWER TEXT UNLIMITED 200. Enjoy 30-days/1-month Unlimited Texts and 4-hours calls to all SUN friends plus 1,000-free texts to all networks! It is the GOOD CHOICE. You can now send 1000 texts to your friends in other networks! Want to subscribe and register to this promo? Just follow the simple instructions below.

How to register to SUN POWER TEXT UNLIMITED 200?

  • SUN SIM/Subscribers
  • php200.00 load
  • Register to SUN POWER TEXT UNLIMITED 200 by simply texting:
  • TU200 and send it to 247
  1. Please wait for the confirmation message before sending text messages.
  2. Once your registration is success, enjoy your 30-days/1-month unlimited texts + 4-hours calls to all SUN subscribers and the 1K-free texts to OTHER NETWORKS.
  3. More instructions is included in the confirmation message.
  4. Text message will be sent if your subscription is already expired.

Smart unlimited text call Promos 2014

Smart Promo 2014 - Unli Call & Text 30 valid of 1 day

Here's How To Register Unli Call & Text 30 Smart Promo. 

  • simply text the keyword UNLI30 and send to 6406 
  • Unlimited Call and Text to Smart, Sun, TNT 
  • plus 15MB of Mobile Internet - valid of 1 day for only P30 
  • open and available only to all Smart Subscribers. 
  • Please maintain P1.00 balance to continue the service Here's How To Call the Unlimited Call Promo.
  • To call, just dial *6406 plus 11 digit of Smart, Sun or either TNT number (ex. *640609181234567 

Smart Promo 2014 - Unli Call & Text 30 valid of 1 day

How to Register the UNLI25?

  • text the key UNLI25 and send to 6406 
  • 1 day Unlimited Call and Text to Smart,TNT,and Sun 
  • Plus 20 Off Net SMS - P25 only to avail the promo. 
  • Now, you can Call and Text like there's no tomorrow. 
  • Just wait for the other promo to release of Smart.  Enjoy your UNLI25 starting today!

Smart Promo L15 Unlimited text and Call to All Networks

L15 How to Register

  • text L15 send to 6416 
  • P15 load to avail
  • Unlimited text to all networks. 
  • This promo is have choosen to STOP To stop the L15 promo -L15 send to 6416 

1 Month Unlimited Text U150 to Smart and Talk N Text

Unlimited Text for 1 month U150 to 4545. Let's see on how to register the U150. For only P150 you can send too many text messages to your love ones and friends. 

U150 Registration: 

  • Text U150 send to 4545
  • 1 month unlimited text to Smart and Talk N Text Subscribers.
  • Text in other networks will be charged a regular rate of text message.

Smart Promos - FB10, ON 20, ON 30, UNLISURF50

For only P10 you can full access unlimited at your account on Facebook through availing the promo of Smart by simply hit the Key of FB10 to 211. You can avail the Smart Promo 2014 FB10 via send of message FB10 send to 211 as a valid of 1 day facebook surfing. 

How to register FB10

  • text FB10 and send to 211 
  • 1 day unlimited - P10 only 
  • Promo is available also to TNT sim card users. 
  • You can register another Promo of Smart just use the key ON 20, ON 30 or UNLISURF50 send to 2200 a valid of 1 day. 
  • These following promos is a promo TRI-NET SMS. Register ON 20, ON 30 and UNLISURF to 2200.

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