How to get Smart unli internet for only Php2.00

Smart 2 Pesos Unlimited Internet
  • Turn on your mobile data with smart sim
  • Load at-least 2 or 5 pesos
  • Type PROTECT ON and send to 9999 then wait for the confirmation message. This will turn ON the Load Protection of your SIM so that the network will not charge you with the standard internet charges. 
  • Type BIG5 and send to 9999 and wait for confirmation message. You can also try Youtube5 to 9999.
  • Type FREE WIKI and send to 5555 and wait for the confirmation. This will enable FREE Wikipedia access and also will enable you to proceed with the next promo in Step 3. 
  • Type FB2 to 9999 and wait for confirmation. This lets you have one day unlimited Facebook Access for PhP2.00. 
  • Type POWERAPP OFF and send to 5555 and wait for the confirmation. This will turn OFF the notification of Powerapp Boosters offer page when you are browsing pages rather than FB and Wikipedia thus, giving you the unlimited internet access. If you are having trouble sending this code, try sending it to 999. 
  • Type ROAM OFF and send to 333 and wait for the confirmation. This will turn off your roaming capability. 
  • Done! Enjoy and Start surfing the internet!

Just repeat steps 3 to 6 when your Facebook subscription expires. This requires that you register to the promos every day for PhP2. Never mind the notification that your BIG5 subscription is already consumed. If you register to BIG5 but did not work, try to send these codes to after Step 4 type - TRIAL send to 9999 or PISOAPP to 211 and FREE to 9999  then proceed with Step 5. This smart unli net trick is valid for 1 day.

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