Smart Talk 'N Text Unlimited Internet 2016

Smart Unli COC 2016

This unli trick will work only on Talk 'N Text SIM or Smart SIM with at least P10 load (Buddy LTE SIM only) Pocket wifi, broadband stick, modem or Android phone/tablet using any of the two SIM mentioned

Smart Unli Internet 2016 

SMART / Talk 'N Text users (Unlimited Internet ₱1 per 2 Days)

  • Text PROTECT ON to 4545 and wait for confirmation. This will turn ON the Load Protection of your SIM so that the network will not charge you with the standard internet charges.
  • Text FREE WIKI to 5555 and wait for confirmation. This will enable FREE Wikipedia access and this is where the trick happens when you proceed with the next step.
  • Text SAMPLE to 4545 and wait for confirmation. Never mind the 5 hours only internet access in the Piso Sampler notification; it will be unlimited if you are registered with FREE Wikipedia promo.
  • Text ROAM OFF to 333 and wait for the confirmation that your roaming is now off.
  • Done! Go browse the internet!
Repeat steps 2 and 3 if your PisoNet Sampler subscription expires.
This requires that you register to the promos every 2 days for PhP1.00.

If you were NOT successful in making this unlimited internet to last for two days (example: after 5 hours you can no longer browse the internet and you have received a text that your Piso Sampler subscription is no longer valid), you can try a more expensive version using the UNLI20 mixed with the PisoNet or you can try using this next procedure (Unlimited Piso Internet Babad Mode)
  • After you receive the Piso Sampler expiration notice, don't turn off your internet data connection. Wait for 2-3 hours before you start browsing again (babad mode). The babad mode can be done using your modem or your phone, just make sure that during this time. no app is using data access. If you are using a modem, just let your modem to sit with no gadget connected to it and if you are using your phone, go to Data Usage and enable Restrict Bckgd. Data. If you have internet access after the babad mode, then yehey! If after babad mode you still DON'T have internet access, try to register to FREE WIKI an hour before your Piso Sampler expires. You have to note the time of your registration to do this.
  • Congrats! Enjoy your unlimited internet for two days.

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