Full tutorial for newbie on how to properly use Globe Switch App using Globe and TM Prepaid Sim.

Globe Free 10GB+ / Month

What is Globe Switch

 → An Android App (APK) file which you can install to your phone. Globe Switch is a Official application by Globe Telecom. It will help globe subscribers like you to earn some free internet data.
But using Switch VPN alone will not maximize your data consumption and it may fail you not use globe switch app again. And that's the reason why this tech blog will teach you how to use Globe Switch Offers geniusly.

If you're looking for a PH Lifetime Configs for your ehi, epro, ktn or ktc just download OpenSSH here → Philippine Fast Config

What you need

  •  Android Phone
  • Globe or Touch Mobile SIM Card
  • Globe Switch App
  • VPN android App

Steps How to Earn 10GB+ Data in 1 Month using Globe Switch

  • Buy New GLOBE or TM Sim then use on your phone
  • Open GlobeSwitch App then REGISTER your phone number
  • First accept this offer (GCASH) will expire after 4weeks or 1 Month
globeswitch 1 month expiry

  • Then accept all OFFERS like 100mb or 20mb
GlobeSwitch 100mb
  • Now Download any VPN (I recommend http injector or eProxy @Playstore)
  • You can download free fast 1month .ehi (for http injector) here → Download Link
  • Now off your globe switch and start your VPN.
  • Done! All your data earn from offers will be active in 1Month.
If your globeswitch data is all used up in less than a month you can ACCEPT offers again in SWITCH App. All offers will be refresh 3x only after expiration.

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 For Educational Purpose Only.

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