DSL Disconnected? → TUTORIAL How to Reconnect and Upgrade Fast DSL Internet Account.

Reconnect Upgrade Fast DSL Internet Account
→ Reconnect PLDT DSL/Fiber disconnected
→ Reconnect Bayan DSL disconnected
→ Reconnect Globe ADSL disconnected
→ Reconnect SmartMyBro disconnected
→ Reconnect Sky Broadband disconnected
→ Reconnect Digitel DSL disconnected

What you Need?
  • Modem  connected to a line ( If you don't have barrow to a friend )
  • IP Scanner
  • Mozilla Firefox / Chrome
  • Password Viewer  (Click here)
Get your defaulty getway of  DSL Modem, to do this type CMD in RUN
type IPCONFIG/all
then you can see defaulty getway sample

Reconnect Upgrade Fast DSL Internet Account

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Note: To get default gateway  you must not have router , or look under your modem sticker you can see the printed user and password and default getaway.

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username: user
password: user

username: admin
password: password

Internet Service Provider                         Brand                           Username               Password

PLDT DSL/Fiber                       ZyXEL,Prolink,broaudtech         adminpldt              1234567890
PLDT Fibr                                            Huawei                               telecomadmin       admintelecom
PLDT                                                       "                                       admin                  1234
Bayan DSL                                             ZTE                                admin                  bayandsl
Globe Broadband                            Prolink and Siemens          Admin                  3UJUh2VemEfUtesEchEC2d2e
Globe ADSL                                          Aztech                             admin/user          admin/user
                                                                                                        user                     user
SmartMyBro                               Greenpacket?DV                     smart                   smart                          
Sky Broadband                                                                            admin(blank)        (leave it blank)
                                                                                                      (leave it blank)      (leave it blank)
Digitel DSL                                          Prolink                              admin                   password


Open your Firefox Browser  Type your gateway  the log in. go to  adsl status .
Look for Default Gateway IP

Reconnect Upgrade Fast DSL Internet Account

Get the Default Gateway in this picture

NOTE:  A disconnected modem  Operational status is always Handshaking while a Connected Modem is  SHOWTIME!!

Reconnect Upgrade Fast DSL Internet Account

Download IP scanner put your  gateway to start scanning  DSL account.

Download it here  (Skip Ad)

If my IP is

Start IP   END IP

Or a wild guest IP

>Reconnect Upgrade Fast DSL Internet Account


If your familiar in wimaxtol this is just the same you open the LIVE IP in your WEB Browser.
Log in - go to Interface setup

Reconnect Upgrade Fast DSL Internet Account


View the Password
"Viewing of password via browser".--->> search on google  keyword  JAVASCRIPT PASSWORD VIEWER, or go  click here , scroll down (see screenshot).

All you need is to add it bookmark..--->right click  link show password and select bookmark this link. (it's up to you if bookmark or toolbar)

Final Step
Now Lets go Back to the remote modem..
click your bookmark show passowrd

Password will pop out!!

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