Tuesday, March 5

How To Recover Your Files To A Virus Infected USB Flash-drive

Recover USB files from virus

Have all your files in USB Flash-drive transform into a shortcut icons? If this happen, then you are a victim of a new Trojan virus. It is a virus that makes our files hidden and transform it to a shortcut icon like files and folders. So today i will share my own technique based on my experience on how to recover all your files.

  • Connect your USB Flash-drive to computer.
  • Don't scan with your anti-virus because there is a high possibilities that it will delete your files.
  • Open your USB Flash-drive delete all shortcut icons files and folders.
  • Next-step: Go to Control Panel - Folder Option then find and check  " view hidden files".
  • After you do that all your files will appear in your drive.
  • Then copy all the files or press CTRL+ A  and point it to your Drive D: on your  computer
  • Now its time to format your USB Flash-drive. Wait until format complete.(just choose Quick Format)
  • Finally copy again all the files you currently save to your Drive D: back to your USB Flash-drive.

Done! you now recover all your files infected by a virus in an easy way.
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This method can be applied to all types of hardware saving devices like MP3/MP4 PLAYERS, EXTERNAL HDD, SD CARD, MICRO SD etc.. that with the same infection of the virus.


  1. Really nice trick I got...And I recover my deleted file by using this trick given in site