PSP Memory Stick Not Detected

I will share my trick How to enabled or detect A disabled or not Recognize PSP memory stick When you connect to a computer. This was happen when you want to put a downloaded Games, Music, Videos and Images to your PSP But your computer doesn't detect the real Memory Stick of your PSP, otherwise it was pointed To another memory partition like RAM or save games. This simple tutorial is based on my experienced That was happen on my PSP when my computer Cannot recognized or cannot detect my memory stick. First I thouht it was a system error or hardware malfuntion, Until i figure it Out what's the cause. 

  • Turn on your PSP
  • Press SELECT button
  • find USB DEVICE option
  • Select UMD Disc

Now connect your PSP to your computer
It must detect your memory stick
Look like this:

PSP Memory Stick Not Detected

Now you can download and upload more Games, Images, Mp3 and Videos to your PSP Game Console. At the end of the day, Now you can run games normally and fix PSP Memory Stick Not Detected.

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