Wednesday, March 13

Time Freeze or Deepfreeze Which Is Better

Time Freeze or Deep Freeze

Both Time Freeze and Deep Freeze are useful Software and must have to everyone's computer for a secured computer system, this two programs are alternative ways to protect your computer from Spywares, Virus and Malwares.Just like Anti-Virus anti Spywares programs.

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I will share a bit of my experience for using Time Freeze from Wondershare. Many of us especially "computer techie" hard to choose what is and what they going to use whether a Deep Freeze or a Time Freeze windows program.

I have used this two software for a years and for that matter, I discovered and answer the question which is better among this 2 great Programs . Most of computer buddies, curious about it! So I am going to tell you my own reviews why i choose Time Freeze, that i could say it is better than Deep Freeze.

Before I switch to Time Freeze, I used and I like Deep Freeze also, The way the programs run. Just like Timefreeze, it maintained my system Stability and virus free computer.

One thing i dont like for Deepfreeze, is that you must have to restart (on/off) your computer if you want to thawed, Every time you want to protect your programs. Unlike to Timefreeze you can used it's software dashboard To choose on or off the protection in real-time. Just look at the image above, that's the advantage Of Time Freeze than to Deep Freeze. In Time Freeze, you don't have to restart your computer for the Effect to freeze or unfreeze your computer system. And also have an option to choose which folder to protect.

I used Time Freeze about 3 years ago until now, and believe me, I haven't encountered any problem about my system and all my programs. Thanks for this application, It is a big help for us to have this great software from Wondershare.

To download and know more about this program Just search for Google. And go to Faronics official site.


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