USB Write Protected

Today i will share my tried and tested
Mass Storage Device without using
Any formatting software.

USB Write Protected

This toturials works 100%. I have been doing this
Everytime i encountered a Customer with this kind 
of problem

Solution No.1
  • Shutdown Computer
  • Insert USB
  • Turn on Computer, Press 8 immediately
  • Select Safe Mode with Command Prompt
  • If your USB Drive ex is F: 
  • Type C:\windows\system32>F: then press Enter
  • Type F:\>format F: hit Enter
  • Format will begins while removing the write protection 
Solution No. 2
  • Insert USB (Don't scan)
  • Download this Software SuperAntiSpyware
  • Install it and run scan wait till finish
  • Right click My Computer 
  • Point to Disk Management
  • Find you USB disk drive letter (ex: F:)
  • Right click to it, Then Format
  • Wait to complete. Done!

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