Android Battery Easily Drain

Best Solutions For Android Battery Fast or Easily Drain about 70% of android phones and tablets Like HTC have common deficiency regarding of their batteries. Today, i will share my tried and tested solution or tips how to make your android battery stay more longer and make it use more efficiently and reliable.

  • If your android battery always easy to drain from the first day you used, then you have to change your charger and buy a new one.
  • Do not charge your battery yet if it's not at 10% to 5% low power meters.
  • Don't put your android close to any magnetic materials that can cause your battery dis-chargeable.
  • If you feel heat starting to your android surfaces upon charging, just discontinue and unplug the charger then take out the battery from the unit.
  • Charge your battery with the minimum charging time of 3 hours and maximum charging time of 6 hours.
  • Switch-Off GPS application
  • Use Push-Notification on your Settings
  • You have to scan your android device for virus detection at-least every-week or better in every other day.
  • In charging mode, don't play games or battery consuming actions to your android.
  • Clean your battery pack at-least twice a week.
  • Just use mid-level brightness every time you play games or surfing the net.
  • Delete or uninstall not important applications, the unnecessary ones.

Unlike iOs of Apple and .bar of Blackberry mobile  there battery is superb and long way to used.

If you want to add more tips don't hesitate to write your comments below.

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