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Copy Hidden Games or Files From A Private Computer

Copy Hidden Games or Files From A Private Computer

How to Cop Hidden Games or Files from Computer?

Most of all computer internet shop or Cafe make their Files hidden or a private one. Especially the License Application or a Latest Games Downloaded. Because simply they Don't want others copy their files else where like in USB devices. Business Internet Cafe owners do this to protect their files / materials copy by others to prevent virus coming from the USB or Hardrive. So, this tutorial teach you a simple way to copy Files like Games, Application and Programs without Using any any software.

As you can see the picture above below the title There was a two folders you see which is the main folder where the files you want to copy and the other is for the destination folder like USB Folder.

  • Go to the games or application SHORT CUT ICON
  • Right click to it and point to PROPERTIES
  • You will see file folders of that Games or Application
  • Press CTRL+A then pres CTRL+C
  • Copy all files from that folder\
  • Now create a folder destination, example if you want
  • To copy Counterstrike game then rename the folder to CS or any name you want, just for you to identify it.
  • Then press CTRL+V to paste all the files to the folder You created. Done!

Now if you want to have the shortcut icon of the game or application you just copied, find the .exe of that game Or apps. Popularly called as the executable file. Right click to it then point the cursor to SEND TO → DESKTOP Done!