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Creating a Website with Free Host and Domain

Creating a Website with Free Host and Domain

This tutorials is about on how to make a website without spending a single penny, in short it is FREE! Do you wish to have a website of your own, a Blog site or Personal? Well, you come at the right place at the right time. I will teach you how to set up a new website and have a host and domain for Free.

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First Step: Create a Host 

Free Host For Website

You must have a host in order for the website to run. For free hosting you can create a free hosting Visit Here! Just Sign Up and verify your email.

Second Step: Domain Name

Free Domain Name

It is time for you to have a domain name. Create a free
domain Visit Here!   Upon creating a domain, just think a nice
and easy to remember. For example you want to create
a blog for your own cooking recipe's then your
domain should be like this then click create.

Third Step: Server Configuration

Now in your domain name find and create name servers.

Wait 24 hours for the server updates your domain.

Fourth Step: Website Theme

Download a theme for your website.
Choose theme that preferred to your site. Just Google it!
You can find thousand WordPress theme in the web or you
may find here WordPress Theme! .

Fifth Step: Host Configuration

Log in to your host.  The one you created in step one.
Go to your dashboard find and click "Create Domain Name"
type your domain name you just created in the Second Step.

Sixth Step: Theme Uploading
Find and point your cursor to your domain name you created in
the Fifth Step located in your host dashboard. Click "upload".
Just browse and upload the theme you downloaded in the Fourth Step.

Seventh Step: Customizing
Now after you did all Step 1 to 6. All you have to do is to beautify
or i would say customize your website. Like adding nice widgets.

If you have some question, Just write a comment...! 

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