Original iPhone 4S Full Features

iPhone 4S is the 6th reproduction of the iPhone by Apple. It's already reached approximately over 5 million sold up to date. Apple iPhone 4S bang prettify really fashionable among consumers now. Now Apple made that imagery as actuality. So let me share a full specification about iPhone 4S model.

To turn iPhone on, firmly press the On/Off button. To turn Off or restart iPhone, just long press the On/Off button fount at the top right of the mobile. To put iPhone in sleep mode simply press On/Off button once. Ring/Silent option button found in the left top side of the mobile.

When using app, press the Home button to close it and return to its
Home screen.

While your on a voice call, tap the face-time button to begin a video call.
Access your email, the web, or other apps by pressing the Home button.

Load your favorite photos onto iPhone from your computer using iTunes or use the built-in camera to take pictures. Tap photos to see you pictures.  Flick right or left to move between images. Double tap or pinch to zoom. Tap the Action button to send photo in a MMS or email. You can used also a photo as a wallpaper, assign it to a contact, or print it wireless using Air Print-capable printer.

To record HD video, tap camera, then set the Camera/Video switch to video.
Tap the Record button to start recording. Tap again to stp recording. "Tap to focus" lets you control focus and exposure by tapping anyone or anything on the screen. You can record in Landscape or Portrait.

Tap the screen to bring up onscreen controls. Tap again to hide them. Double tapping a video switches between widescreen and full screen.

iPhone automatically corrects and suggests words as you type. So if you tap a wrong letter, just keep typing. To accept the suggested word, tap the space bar.Tap the "x" to dismiss the suggested word. To switch to the number and symbol keyboard, tap the ".?123" key.

Lets you connect to the internet anytime you want, just open the Wi-Fi and automatically collects all open wireless internet connection using Wi-Fi.

Use iTunes to download songs, videos and apps.

It has a faster chip, a larger display, and an 8MP camera. With all these advancements, this model is created even lighter and even thinner.

iPhone 4S model has a 4-inch Retina display. With this size, you can see more and have lifelike, vivid view of everything you see.

The display is bigger but the model actually has the same width as iPhone 5. As a result, you will not have difficulty using the gadget with one hand only. So, even if you are doing other things like talking to friends while having a snack or lunch, you can conveniently use the phone and perform actions like updating of your social media accounts.

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