Monitor No Signal message

These problem occur when your Desktop Computer automatically power off and don't start booting after all every time you power it on. Some cause of this are downloading unsafe videos from a website and got a virus. So, i recommend check the website first before downloading any files. If videos, you can download directly from Facebook? Yes, of course it can without using any softwares! follow my post in How To Download Facebook Videos without Using Software. 

Anyway, this problem is one of the hardest part to know and determine what's the real reasons for that and what are the best solution for it.

Let me share my technical expertise about how you can resolve this kind of problem.

Follow this steps and please don't skip specially to those computer newbies technicians.

  • Unplugged all cables and open your CPU.
  • Get the RAM card and clean it, just rub carefully with eraser or  clean dry paper. Then put it back to motherboard and power on your CPU for trial.
  • Now if it is not working, the 2nd step is to check the video card. First, See carefully if it has a leak or short circuits, but if you found nothing then try to rub it also with eraser or clean dry paper. Then put it back and then power on.
  • If 2nd step not working also, now the last and 3rd step is you don't have to check! Just buy a new power supply.

I am sure this 3 parts of CPU are the cause of the problem why you can't power on your computer CPU. If you done all this 3 solutions your computer must back to normal.

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