Samsung Grand

Galaxy Grand is Dual Sim smartphone to use two different network provider at the same time.
Samsung Grand with Google serch

It has a custom Google Search™ rich system  that  brings you just the right information, before you ask! Just like Samsung Galaxy Note 3! Grand gets you you more faster with a chip-set of Dual Core Processor (Cortex A9 Dual 1.2GHz) and  Powered by Jelly Bean OS 4.1.2 that makes the Samsung Grand fast, fluid and smooth graphics with it's captivating touch screen and with 8GB internal memory for storage of your images, files and videos.
Samsung Grand

GALAXY Grand is outfitted with a deluxe large display to meet your needs. You can just sit-back and relax while drinking some tea! Everything from larger font size to immersive and outstanding viewing, brilliant and awesome visuals are guaranteed. Now you can enjoy exclusive viewing experience while you're on the go.

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