Pokemon Tretta Lab 3D

It is obviously related in the arcade game for the same name, but it is sounds foremost like a "glorified Pokedex 3D" Professional applications. Consumers or Gamers get's special shell that can place their 3DS XL into that and it can read the special "Tretta" tiles from the Pokemon's Tretta game for arcade. When a tile is placed into a slot, you can see the pokemon’s details ad view it, and check type compatibility with other pokemon. In this Tretta Lab, Players can catch pokemon, and receive tiles for catching them, and take a part in "3 vs. 3" pokemon battles. The closest Pokemon Tretta Lab comes to being a game is letting people take part in an Auto-Battle. The sample is when two Tretta tiles are placed in the slots and the application will automatically show which of the two pokemon would win in a fight. 

Pokemon Tretta Lab 3D

I know those Pekemon lovers will definitely curios about this apps. I could see Pokemon fanatics loving and wanting it! Pokemon Collectors who would actually want Pokemon Tretta Lab can’t just buy it form regions. But if you do actually want one, you’ll need a Japanese 3DS to go with it. 

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