SmartBro PLDT MyBro Fair Usage Policy

Globe FUP
The bandwidth cap of  800mb/day. [ A low browsing  bandwidth - approximately it can only used to download a single .avi movie.] 

For SmartBrO/MyBro/PLDT FUP
Monthly bandwidth for SmartBro/myBro/PLDT subs is only 15GB. The download speed is 20+KB/s. Infact, if you have downloaded big data like movies and games in whole weeks and before the previous month ends, probably you will experience poor browsing uploading and downloading with your internet connection and the normal speed will only return on the next subscription month.
 speedtest result
SmartBro PLDT MyBro Fair Usage Policy

You can use SkyBroadband and  BayanTel [ For No cap / limitations ]

But if you want to uncapped or reset banwidth limit of your PLDT / MyBro / SmartBro you can visit and read tutorials here:

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