Monday, October 28

How to Bypass Globe Telecom Limited Access in LOL | League of Legends

Bypass Globe Limited Access in LOL

Last time i post about the news about Globe Telecom Limits the number of LOL players here in the Philippines - Read Here.

Now it's time to make some simple trick how to solve or how to bypass it using this:
  • Go to Google and Search Free-VPN
  • Download then install
[ VPN helps increasing your ping ]  
[ Then switch back to normal globe IP] 

Switch IP network settings "on the fly" without restarting
Switch Internet Explorer proxy-server settings
Switch your default printer
Switch your computer name and workgroup
Import current network settings to the setting
System-tray icon support, auto-start with windows

What you need are :
IP Address - [ Depends on your modem DHCP setting ]
Subnet Mask - Default [ ]
Default Gateway -
Your modem LAN IP address
DNS Server  - Use Public DNS [ ]

  • On Settings - Check IP and DNS
Bypass Globe Limited Access in LOL
  •  You can rename each IP - click edit
Bypass Globe Limited Access in LOL
  • Now If  you want to log in LOL  select - SMART and press F5 [ wait to apply the settings -  Don't Restart your Computer ]
Bypass Globe Limited Access in LOL
  • After logging in on your  in-game switch back to Globe IP. 
  • Done! 
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  1. anu po ung configuration sa smart ?

    1. @Neko Pang bypass lang yun. then pag in-game kana sa LOL balik ka uli sa globe.

  2. ok po thanks panu naman po ung sa smart IP adress?do you need a specific device like Smart bro plug and play to do this bypass?

  3. proven and tested po ba sir ??

    1. @chris - Tested! Last week nag LOL ako gamit ito.

  4. pano ibalik ung dai kon settings , tae nag loko na ung unit ko wala manlang reset ung program

  5. oo nga .tae in uninstall ko .nagloko ung net connections ko ,tsaka wala din po bro. di ako makapasok sa lol .pls make a youtube tutorial . @ benchsniper thanks in advance br o.we appreciate your post

    1. anung ginawa mo pra bumalik? sakin nag loko na tlga e

  6. uninstall mo lang .punta ka sa add/remove programs. .un install mo tas restart mo pc .ok na nun

  7. Replies
    1. So bale
      IPA: (IP add ko)
      Subnet Mask:
      Default Gateway - (LAN IP address ko)
      DNS Server -

      Pakicorrect kung mali ang lagay ko.

  8. yung mismong ip add wimax mo log in ka sa gui mo dun mo makikita

  9. ung DNS server lg po ba ung pnagkaiba ng smart set sa globe set?

  10. gumagana lang tu pag dalawa connection mo

  11. meron ako na'dl na program..irun mu lng sya tpos problema nyo sa lol..

  12. THANKS!!!!
    NICE PO ... Kung ano ano na sinearch ko sa youtube pero eto lang yung pwde .. thanks!