Friday, October 25

How to Recover DeepFreeze Password

What is DeepFreeze

Faronics Deep Freeze helps eliminate workstation damage and downtime by making computer configurations indestructible. Once Faronics Deep Freeze is installed on a workstation, any changes made to the computer - regardless of whether they are accidental or malicious - are never permanent.

A lot of people using Deepfreeze had a 70% chance to forget and lost their password and perhaps if this will happen they usually think to format immediately their computer machine. So before you do that why don't you generate your password with this software.

This is tested on the following versions:
Faronics Deep Freeze Standard 6.10..7.51
Faronics Deep Freeze Enterprise 6.00..7.51
Faronics Deep Freeze Server Standard 6.30..7.51
Faronics Deep Freeze Server Enterprise 6.30..7.51
[ You can try also to the latest version ]

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When this soft detect the DeepFreeze Standard Edition, it will automatically determine and show your DeepFreeze password. But if detects DeepFreeze Enterprise Edition, you will be able to generate One Time Password based on OTP token

How to use:
  • Open your DeepFreeze Client
  • Write down OTP Token
Deefreeze Password Recovery
  • Enter OTP Token [ ex: AEF2D0CF ] in Meltdown and press Generate. 
  • Meltdown will generate password for you
Deefreeze Password Recovery


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