Saturday, October 19

How to Setup Handy Cafe | Complete Tutorials

First Register to HandyCafe use a valid Email for you will receive their  Product Key and and Serial  Number.

After Downloaded Install and Choose Server or Client

Setup Server
LOG IN to your  Server  Default (Use Capital Letters)

Register your Handy Cafe Go to HELP  find Register.

Input your Product key and Serial that hadycafe  emailed to you.

Get you Server IP for Client Setting to enable your client to connect on the right IP because the default IP is this is not your server IP.

Client Setup
LOGIN TO CLIENT Default is CapsLock   

Go to Option Input Your Server IP Done!!

Operate the Server
For unlimited TIME Choose LOG IN 

For limited TIME Choose Prepaid and input How many Minutes

Finally, You can now change all default USER and PASSWORD if you want.


  1. looks like a great how to do article- my nephew wants to setup an internet cafe and use this software- obviously windows. I'm a Linux man myself but can not find any new Internet cafe systems- Zencafe seems to have gone. I am generally quite knowledgeable about PC's but have mental block on physical setup. So would you setup router->server PC->switch->client-> PC's so the server unit is the gateway to the internet?

  2. Is it possible to transfer handy cafe data from an old server to a new one?

    1. Yes. Install it again as a client computer.

    2. transfering handy cafe is possible but then it takes up much space and it becomes so slow in responce

  3. please help... do I need to use same IP address to all client?

  4. please also post how to end time and why is that, sometimes i put time in one pc it wont log in.. IP address is ok.. Need help please..

  5. how to change the price on the biller

  6. i need a gud procedure on how to install handy cafe biller

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  8. i just finished installing handycafe server once im done when ever i launch it it says missing BDE file corrupt or missing ?
    any help please