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How to Setup SmartBro Modem to a Router

How to setup SmartBro to a Router

This is my tut how to setup your SmartBro modem to a wired or wireless router.
Things you need:
  1. Modem (Smart Broadband)
  2. Router (wired or wireless router)
  3. Network adapters
  4. Browser(Firefox / Chrome)
Follow Steps:
  • Connect Smart Bro canopy antenna to your Computer
  • Get the IP Address, MAC address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway and DNS Server information.
  • To Do this: go to RUN command and  type “ipconfig /all” then hit enter.
  • Plug in your router, then turn it on.
  • Connect your DLink Router to SmartBro modem using Ethernet cable.
  • Connect the Ethernet RJ45 Network Cable to your PC from one of the LAN ports of your router.
  • Open the router’s administration tool: Type “″ or “″to your browser.
  • The router’s home page will ask you for a username and password. Both are provided in the router’s documentation. Or Try this User: admin Password: 1234 or Username: (leave it blank) Password: admin
  • Now go to WAN Setup then choose Static IP. Fill up all the information in the page (the info you gathered in step 2) then hit Apply; Now your router will reboot automatically.
  • Then open your web browser and visit any website just like this  {to check if your smart bro connection is working}
  • Lastly, you configure an additional network security features and change the default administrator password.     
    How to setup SmartBro to a Router 
    Be sure all router's connection are tightly  connected.
    Also you can use CLONE MAC (If you want not to be directed in your Portal) 


    1. I would suggest to make this post viral... as its basic but most of users still face difficulty in setting up things..

    2. sir is it the same with pldt home bro?

      What's the advantage in MAC cloning?

      Can you recommend a good router that supports MAC cloning?

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