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Wednesday, October 23

Latest iPhone Emulator For PC | Windows | Free Download

iPhone Emulator

I found a cute and unique computer emulator software created by WyndWarrior [credits for him] and he called it as " iPhone Simulator " the latest version is in 4.2 and you can download here for free [ Medifire download link ]

OS Compatibility:
Windows XP
Windows 7
Windows 8

What is Emulator?
"emulator is hardware or software or both that duplicates (or emulates) the functions of one computer system (the guest) in another computer system (the host), different from the first one, so that the emulated behavior closely resembles the behavior of the real system (the guest)." - source: wikipedia

Try it for yourself its funny and i rate this creation as 7/10 in flash programming tech works. Hope Wyndwarrior will update this soon for bug fixes and more access to the apps of iPhone.


  1. This is definitely NOT an iPhone emulator. It's just a rudimentary iPhone simulator, with very limited options and NO capabilities.

  2. it is a duplicate of iphone emulator.we cannot works in it as we wish .


  3. The could be a couple of issues while utilizing the PSP emulator and recreations, one such issue could be that the firmware of your reassure does not bolster the emulator and to unravel this you would need to downsize you firmware to a past site