I will share an android apps that reveals the WiFi Password of the owner. 
Download here. (This guide works in all PLDTMyDSL WiFi models).

PLDT MyDSL Default Android WiFi Password Viewer

  • Go to the nearest friends or neighbor's PLDT MyDSL WiFi location
  • Enabled your android phone WiFi
  • Open the Android Apps you download above

  • PLDT MyDSL Password

    Credits to: TropangClub

    PLDT MyDSL Password

    Okay. Now you got the password

    • Get the last 5 characters like the pic show above.
    • First input PLDTWIFI + the 5 characters you hack
    • Looks like this: PLDTWIFI9EFB8 (USE CAPITAL LETTERS)
    • Now you can Log in to your PLDT MyDSL using this Password.
    You can also use your own mac to be your password
    Just Look at the back of your MyDSL anf look for the Mac

    PLDT MyDSL Password
    Just use PLDT + the last 5 characters of your Mac.

    Like this: Password: PLDTWIFI5A9D7
    Done! Tutorials finish.

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