Wednesday, October 30

Symbianize Philippines Forum | Site Under Maintenance | Updating A New and Fresh Looks

Symbianize under maintenance
One of the most popular Philippines Forum is now in the act of changing and updating a new skin, themes, background, styles for cool new appearance, so members don't have to worry for Symbianize forum will be sooner or later will come up for the best.

Symbianize under maintenance

Here are some updates posted in their official Fanpage:

 The photo of members will show inside of a thread.

Symbianize under maintenance

Site now having a Drop-down Menus

Symbianize under maintenance

If you cannot log-in or having a site error [ your ISP might be blocking your access to Symbianize]. You can do the following:
  • Restart or Reset Modem
  • Clear browser Cache
  • Use Different Browser
  • Change IP Address
  • Use Proxy
[image soure]

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