This tuts is on how to Activate your Windows 8.1 Pro / Enterprise!

Windows 8.1 Activition Tutorials


  • REMOVE installation key first follow this Screen Shots Download WinAct 
  • [ Download Link ](Skip Ad) then Run
    Windows 8.1 Activition Tutorials
    • Download activator [ Download Link ](Skip Ad)
    • Right click A9600E (from enterprise or pro.) and select run as administrator follow my screen shot below
    Windows 8.1 Activition Tutorials
    •  Check your Computer properties looks like this
    Windows 8.1 Activition Tutorials

    •  Download and Unzip My_WCP_watermark_editor.zip 
    • [ Download Link ](Skip Ad)

    Windows 8.1 Activition Tutorials
    • follow Screen Shot below and wait to complete the Processed
    Windows 8.1 Activition Tutorials

    OPTION #2: 

    • Download W8.1 Pro [ Download Link ]
    • REMOVE installation key first follow this Screen Shots Download WinAct 
    • [ Download Link ] (Skip Ad) then Run
    Windows 8.1 Activition Tutorials

    • Run CMD as Administrator
      type SLUI 3 enter this serial key
      wait for system to accept the key and prompt that it's done.

    • Run CMD as Administrator
      type SLUI 4, select UNITED KINGDOM, next you will see your installation I.D this must be appeared in the installation I.D (if NOT DO NOT CONTINUE This process and proceed to the Activation 1)
      installation i.d 5798411 5450483 2943601 1243920 6545380 2885066 9612621 9251254 1949360 

    • Click ENTER CONFIRMATION I.D and enter to fields this confirmation
            Confirmation Keys:
             A 054343
              B 968884
              C 830996
              D 505981
              E 885621
              F 883754

              G 975792
              H 926443
    • Click ACTIVATE WINDOWS and wait for the process to finish and prompt saying "Thanks, you're all done." then click Close and restart. 

    • If you still have watermark, Just use watermark remover [ Download here
    • Done!

    Activate Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista Online Acivation Working Activator 2014!

    Credits to: [ edwintan of symbianize ]

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    1. finally i downloded . But Windows Couldn't Activated. I tried to A9600E Run as Administrator, This file also running but Show some error message. Did not activate my Windows. Can you solve my problem ?

    2. what u say. check first it is work on 17.01.2014. change your pc date in 17.01.2014. it is work? yes or no? my e-mail is pgnanaraj@yahoo.com.

      1. Follow steps carefully. something wrong w/ your question! Didn't get what you point-out. You don't have to change your date settings.

    3. Tank you im install and aktivasi Sucsess Full

    4. it's working just fine thanks guys

    5. Windows has been activated bu it still says at the bottom right corner "Evaluation Copy. Build 9600" even after using the watermark remover. I followed each and every step. Any suggestions?

    6. what to do with win 8.1 pro with WMC ?? help !!

    7. the system rejected the Key

      1. this is an offline method! So be sure to plug out your internet connection..

    8. Hi
      The first method worked ok, activated, but only activated for 180 days.
      The second method , skype activation said the computer..the installation ID is blocked.
      After activating with 1st method, it said the end date of activation as Jan 16, 2014, so I set the system date to Jan 16, 2014 and restarted the computer, where Windows status is NOT ACTIVATED
      Then again I tried to activate as 1st method, but it has failed to activate.
      So, what's the process to reactivate again ?
      I ask you to provide an Win 8.1 Pro , permanently activated copy for 32-bit and 64-bit , if possible.

    9. activated...But personalization is still disabled...What to do?

    10. It did work for me. I had used the 1st method for activating win 8.1 pro x64

    11. ok so all the steps worked but, when i went to System (right-click start button), it says that Windows is not activated. The whole steps worked but it still says that Windows is not activated

    12. omg!!!...!! @_@ thanks a lot bro....you're great :D

    13. i installed windows 8 32 bit, followed every step carefully but still it keeps on failing when running the activator "A9600E-Professional-x86". anyone know how to resolved this? badly needed. thanks a lot.

    14. Thank you!!!
      It worked successfully.
      by the way, what is the 'Evaluation Copy' mean?
      Will this activation expire at some point?
      Please advise... :)
      Thanks once again,

      1. Oh, and plus, please advise if it is normal that I cannot see 'windows version info' at system window (right click my computer then property)?
        It does not show what version am I on...
        Please help...

    15. you are a savior bro !
      thank you a lot.

      I did the 1st method.
      wait a little time,
      check system properties, still hasnt changed.
      wait again, and somehow (I didnt do anything) it worked.
      activated !

      I wanted to remote the watermark too, but when Im going to do it,
      it is already gone by itself (I dnt know how)
      I just wait and wait doing nothing.
      and it works like a charm !

      thank you and thank you!

    16. Guys the trick:
      after the evaluation ended, you can start all over again this method to extend.. again and again and again.. XD

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