It was amazing to have this game, "Dolphy Clean Up" for giving us the identity of the passed actor the "king of  comedy" "DOLPHY". And it is Filipino made apps, I guess! In this game we have to finished 36 levels in 4 environments, it is all about cleaning the world, this the theme of this game.

Dolphy Clean Up For Android and iOS

I will rate this game 8/10 in terms of fun adventure game generation it is in between the classic game Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies games. My first impression for this game is a simple but 3D animation arcade game that everyone could be love most specially the kids, for they know whose behind this game, the title itself "Dolphy".

Watch this 1 minute video teaser

Source: DolphyCleanUp

DolphyCleanUp is available in Android and iOS @ googlePlay very soon.
But you can now download here @ iTunes

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