How To Activate GPRS MMS 3G in SMART | TNT

Most smartphones like from Cherry, DTC, MyPhone, BS Mobile, CloudFone, SKK, ARC..etc., nowadays are internet enable, while having internet on-the-go is the most convenient way to surf, download, and even stream from your mobile phones.

Tutorial on How To Activate MMS/GPRS/3G on SMART/TNT

A proper configuration and settings you'll surely get the best of SMART mobile internet.


  1. For 3G Activation simply type 3G (space) ON to 333
  2. For MMS Activation type MMS (space) ON to 333
  3. and finally for GPRS Activation GPRS (space) ON to 333
  4. SET to 211 for SMART Internet settings.
Note: Sometimes the instructions above are enough for your mobile internet to be activated, in any case your still having problem connecting to the internet you might gonna need the instructions below.

Different Methods for Internet Configuration/Settings in SMART/TNT

Configuration/Setting from SMART/TNT via SMS

  • Just type SET (space) (you mobile phone model) send to 211 ex. SET N95 211
  • SET GPRS Send to 211 (If your not sure of your phone model)
  • SET 3G Send to 211 (For SMART 3G settings)
  • SET MMS Send to 211 (Settings for SMART MMS)
  • After receiving the settings just type 1234 when prompted.

For Iphone Internet Settings for SMART/TNT

Go to Settings>General>Network>Cellular Data Network>APN and put "internet" or "SmartInternet" without quotes.

Activate SMART Internet via SMART Menu

  • To enable your SIM CONNECT menu just type GET MENU and send to 9888
  • On your SMART menu, choose SIM CONNECT menu, then select MMS/GPRS/3G activation menu.

SMART and TNT Manual APN/Configuration/Settings

SmartInternet APN Settings:
Connection Name: SmartInternet APN: internet PSA: or no PSA Port: 8080 Homepage: http://wap.smart.com.ph

SmartGPRS APN Settings:
Connection Name: SmartGPRS APN: smart1 PSA: or no PSA Port: 8080 Homepage: http://wap.smart.com.ph

SmartMMS APN Settings:
Connection Name: SmartMMS APN: mms PSA: or no PSA Port: 8080 or 9201 Homepage:

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