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How to Setup Eclipse and Netbeans IDE on Ubuntu 12.04

Tuts how to install and setup eclipse and netbeans IDE for Java environment and development. If you don't have Java installed yet please see this guide for furthers details

How to Setup Eclipse

First thing we need to do is download the latest eclipse kepler IDE as of this writing. In your terminal issue this command:

For Linux 32bit
$ wget
For Linux 64bit

$ wget

After download you must untar zip it in your home directory where you want the eclipse ide, since im running 32 bit and downloaded 32bit here's how to do it:
$ tar -zxvf eclipse-jee-kepler-SR1-linux-gtk.tar.gz
There, you have now you eclipse installed in your current directory. To run this in your default bash run command, you must configure your .bashrc in your home directory to set the path where you extracted the eclipse directory. Do this:

$ echo export PATH=$PATH:~/eclipse >> ~/.bashrc
 For a quick tweaks to expand jvm memory of eclipse, you must modify the eclipse.ini file located in your eclipse directory.

$ vim eclipse/eclipse.ini
Then modify the




Then do `$ exec $SHELL; eclipse` in your terminal to launch eclipse IDE and your done setting up. Also check out for your eclipse plugins and for more tools. Take note that exec $SHELL will re initiate your current terminal, you can either close it and relaunch then do `$ eclipse` or `$ eclipse &` to run it in the background.

How to Setup Netbeans

Download the latest netbeans IDE 7.4 as of this writing. Issue this command in your terminal:
$ wget
 then make it executable, and install it:
$ chmod u+x

$ sudo ./
Then proceed with the installation wizard, the default directory if you did not change it is on `/usr/local/netbeans-7.4/`

Then add it to your .bashrc
$ echo export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/netbeans-7.4/bin >> ~/.bashrc
 You will have this .bashrc script if you follow my instruction.

After that you can now `$ exec $SHELL; netbeans` or if you have launch new terminal session do `$ netbeans` or `$ netbeans &` to run it in the background. You may also check out for netbeans plugins and tools.

If you are running fluxbox as default X window in your development machine like me, you may have to configure your fluxbox menu.
$ sudo vim /etc/X11/fluxbox/fluxbox-menu
Then add your Eclipse and Netbeans menu like this one in my case @ line 60 and 61.

Then after that save it then you now have this menu:

Done! you are now done setting up your Eclipse and Netbeans IDE.

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