Inaudible Audio Signals Malware

This is an alarming and newest malware attack to computer as of today. What I'm talking about is the latest malware that can attack our computer just an Inaudible Audio Signals. So this not about getting the virus from a hard-wares such as USB connection and DVD/CD ROM - CD playing, you cannot also get in e-mail virus spreading.
So, can you just imagine a Cyber Attack in just an high-frequency sound waves could be possibly infect every users PC where the attack where the stolen and hack data  such as credit card details can be transferred back to the attacker / hacker even without a network or internet connection from the victims.
Some Tips How to protect your computer from this Malware:
  • Switching off the audio and output devices by the System
  • Using an Audio Detection Guard.
  • Get Audio Filtering to block high-frequency ranges

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