Sunday, December 8

Solution: BM622m Connecting Only using Live MAC

BM622m User ID and Password Generator BM622i Sniper Tool

They use this tool made by TheCasper (credits for him) some forsniping(Bm622i) and some for generate user id and user password (Bm622m). Tuts how to generate user id and user password using your live working mac.

Download this tool here: (download link
  • Simply copy your working MAC to the dashboard (describe in the picture above)
  • click generate password
  • Done!
  • Copy the genrated user ID and password
  • Go to your Bm622m Gui username: user Password: 0SlO051O
  • Now go to
  • Paste the generated user ID and Password
  • Click Apply
  • Done!
  • Wait for 10seconds (your modem now will be connected)
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