This tuts is on How to know your neighbors WiFi password! You just have to download the WiFi password Revealed on your Android device, any Android version will do but for best result you should have at least Android OS 2.2 or later. 

Basically, PLDTmyDSL modems have thier default passwords (unchange). While the default password always correspond to the device last five hex decimal on its MAC address.

The tool that we are going to use doesn't bypass the modem security but only view or show the MAC address.

Download PLDT WiFi Tool Here

How to Know your Neighbors PLDT WiFi Password

What you need:

  • Any Android phone
  • WiFi enabled Android device
  • Any PLDTMyDSL modem within your WIFI range

Steps how to get your neighbors PLDT WiFi Password

  1. Download the APK tool - (Download link)(Skip Ad)
  2. Go to settings and check "intall unsigned apps".
  3. Install it on your android phone
  4. Run the app and get the last five(5) character of thier MAC address. Ex. 00:00:0X:XX:XX, the password would be PLDTMyDSLXXXXX must be all caps.
  • Once you are connected to their WIFI you can now access the Modems web GUI and change the password and SSID, but I advise you leave it that way. In any case the user is Admin and pass is 1234 or 0123456789, you can access the GUI by going to this IP
  • This tutorial is for education purposes only.

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