Today, Mr. Abe Olandres from (Yugatech), interviewed by Mr. Mario Dumaual (ABS-CBN correspondent) from TV Patrol News, commenting about a URL redirection. He say's lately "Be aware of those who shared an image or video (particularly the "Vhong - Denise Scandal"). - Thanks Sir Abe

Abe Olandres

But what is URL-redirection? is it a virus or can it harm my computer? or can it hack my Facebook account?

It is a script or a piece of codes uses by webmaster to re-direct their friends, readers and viewers that posted in any social media like in Facebook, from an image or video link to redirected to their own Facebook fan page! And the annoying part of this process is you must like or share their page before you can view on it. (but take note that the image or video link they share is "Bogus" or "No Content"). One thing is for sure, they just want to take advantage on you to like their Page in an easy way.
No, its not! The best thing to do is ignore this kind of post.
No, they can't.
The only purpose of this people is to increase their fans on their website by means of forcing you to like their page.

My Warnings:
  • Be sure you know the credibility of the person or site posted that thing.
  • Don't be ignorant and being to careless by clicking those links.
  • Mostly this links are scandals or today's hot issues like (Vhong Navarro - Denise Cornejo Scandals)

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