Friday, February 28

How to: Clash of Clans Unlimited Shield Trick (No Hack)

Tutorial for how to get unlimited shield in Clash of Clans (android game) Most of pro players know how to do this, but their numbers are actually thin compared to beginners considering that hundreds to thousands of players are joining Clash of Clans every day. 

This unlimited shield guide for Clash of Clans

  • The trick: always position your Town Hall outside the wall. Place it on area that can be easily targeted.
  • Wall is limited, so only protect your gold storage and elixir storage inside the wall along with defenses (like Watch tower, Cannons, and place mortar on the middle.)
  • Place the Town Hall on the vulnerability point. This will ensure that it will be destroyed even on small armies.
  • Gold mines and elixir collector can be looted (unless you frequently collect it), so place them randomly around the storages (outside the wall), never place them in one place as these will be targeted instead.
Clash of Clans Shield

Benefits and advantages of Unlimited Shield:

  • Shield every time (almost infinite shield), when the Town Hall is destroyed you will automatically have 12 hours of shield. Thus giving you more time to build and get stronger without posing any threat.
  • Very strong defence, when the Town Hall is outside it can act as wall with 2000+ HP giving the rest of your defences a free fire. 
  • Minimum loot, most of the time your enemies can only get 1000+ loots (pretty small considering how much the enemies spent for armies.) 
  • Very less trophies (points), so how come this will be an advantage? Most of time you'll encounter weak enemies regardless of your level, sure the bonuses are small, but loots can be very rewarding.
Clash of Clans attack
Attack log

clash of clans defense
Defense log

Now go on and play Clash of Clans today and try to apply this tuts on how to make COC unlimited shield guide.