Kindle PaperWhite tablet (Wi-Fi version) is now available for Rs. 10,999 (that's around 7K+ in Peso currency) and for 3G  with Wi-Fi for Rs. 13,999 (it's 10K+ in Peso currency). PaperWhite is better among other tabets in terms of reading experience, just like reading Itin a Real Books. So if  you love reading magazines or books and looking for good digital device  then i recommend the Kindle PaperWhite.

Kindle White PaperWhite 3G + WiFi

Amazon Kindle PaperWhite Specs

  • 6 inch screen with 212 ppi
  • 2GB internal storage
  •  1.25GB is available for user
  •  Store up to 1,100 books
  • Weight: 200 grams
  • Dimensions: 169x117x9.1mm – its 9.1mm thick
The screen is come with high contrast for a good reading experience, screen is whiter but text are darker, the good thing is you can read the text even in bright lights, with no glares.

Travel charger not included in the package.

Availabilty @ AMAZON Store here:

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