How to Get Unlimited Gold in Dota 6.80b Map

Recently I post article that the new map 6.80b by IceFrog having a Bug,  and today as IceFrog update to 6.80c still the bug is on effect so here's the tuts on How to get unlimited Gold in Map 6.80c in just a few minutes (Bug strikes again!).

Download official Map here:
Dota 6.80c download link

What you Need:
  • Flying Courier
  • Energy Booster
  • Sentry Wards

Tuts How to Get Unlimited Gold in Dota 6.80b Map:

  • Buy sentry wards and energy booster (with your courier)
  • Courier must be in full inventory
  • Click sentry wards to your hero (ex. Barathrum)
  • Courier pick again sentry or orbs
  • Sell the orbs
  • Done!

How to get unlimited gold in Dota 6.80c Map?
Go here: Tuts for unlimited gold DOTA map 6.80c

You can do this anytime you want. 

Warning! Do this in your own risk! You could be ban in 15days by RGC if you reported by other members.

Final words:
Dota 6.80bc Tricks - Unlimited Gold is working perfect at this moment just follow tuts above!

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