BM622m MAC Series C8 and 34 Stable ConnectedThousands of Bm622m users don't know the fact about what is the working and stable MAC series for the WiMax Bm622m modem, so this post made just to remind you what is the MAC you have to use on your modem in order to have a stable internet connection. For BM622m just use Mac series like C8 and 34 (mac address should begin with first digit 34 or C8). 

Now the question is how about if i like to use other mac series?


How to Use BM622, BM622i MAC to BM622m

  • First and foremost you need a working mac (just search on google or tech forum)
  • Now use a BM622m mac changer (Download link)
  • After change mac is done
  • log in to GUI user: user pass: 0SlO051O
  • First generate your MAC password and user ID for authentication
  • Now go to
  • Input your password and user ID like this:
  • user id        2008t2EIHdTLDXL7@globelines.com.ph
    password    2008t2EIHdTLDXL7
  • Click Apply
  • Done!
  • If mac is working (It must be connected in 10seconds)
Also read: How to generate your BM622m MAC password and User ID for Authentication

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