Dota 6.80c Map Bug Exploit - Unlimited Gold

Tuts for Dota 6.80c Map How to Get Unlimited Gold

  • Pick any hero and completely fill its inventory with Ironwood branches
  • Buy a courier and buy a set of Wards (doesn't matter Sentry or Observer)
  • Buy an Energy Booster and put both wards and booster in Courier's inventory
  • Move courier back to the Fountain so it acquires mana to use Wards. That's why we bought Energy booster.
  • Select courier, click Sentry ward and target your hero standing with full inventory.
  • Since, your hero has full inventory the wards will drop as a Yellow-book on the ground. 
  • Each time you use a single ward from Courier, you get Double (2x) wards in return
  • Pick-up the dropped Wards (yellow-books) again using the courier and repeat the steps.
  • And then sell the Wards for gold until you have gold to buy a 6x inventory. 

I guest this tricks not working now, just try it for yourself!

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