DOTA Map 6.80b Bug - Unlimited Gold

Earlier I was playing DOTA @ ICEFROG MAP 6.80b via RGC (Ranked Gaming) (server), I was amazed in our opponent from USA, one of their player was unseen in the MAP, (we thought he is the farm site or just like that) but almost 10mins gone. He was surprise us with his item but he still @ level 1. His inventory item was (1) Radiance (2) Boots of Travel{BOT} (3) Mask of Madness (MOM) (4) 2 Salve. Anyway his Hero is Kardel Sharpeye! Guys if you dont know how to play DOTA online against other countries like Singapore, USA, Europe, India, Peru, Indonesia, Japan, United Kingdom, Bolivia, China, Chicago, Malaysia etc. read this tutorials:

Dota online World Play

Can you imagine how fast he was build those items? I almost think that man is a DOTA PRO player! because that time we don't how he did that in just a minutes of time. To make it short we are loose on that game.

After that game I really confused, so I play again this time in Philippines room, before the game start I ask my team mate if they also encounter that kind of player, but they refused! So we just keep on playing. After 32mins we won the game, my hero that time is Traxex, my final build is (Butterfly) (BOT) (DOMI) and (Lothars). But still my question not yet solve!

On my third, this time I used my own game.dll in order for me to see all hidden hero (fog), objects in short I see all what's happening in the Map. Evreybody called this DOTA MAP HACK. But mine is undetectable because I don't used MH softwares made by hackers! I just change and edit the DOTA Game.dll original codes. Anyway, my 3rd game starts, and of course my opponent don't know that I'm seeing all of them where they are and what they do, even my team mates don't know this. 

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As the game play continue, one of my opponent do the same thing as kardel sharpeye do at my first game. But as I said I see all what is happening, so my question answered this time. Now I know it was a BUG, the latest map by Ice Frog.

Dota Map 6.80b Bug! This is I observe: first they bought a flying courier then bought a energy booster, still at their base they continuously buying a wards (sentry or observer) and maybe they selling it after all, and that gives them unlimited gold to buy build items. (They can build butterfly or Radiance in just 3minutes.)

I don't know how they do that this time, but stay tuned I will update this post for tuts how to that for sure on the next post i will show you how to do that.

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Guys got an opinion? Do you know how to do that tricks? Share to us! We will appreciate it.

Final Words:
For those interested, I will giving away my undetectable Map Hack, for free!
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Download Latest Map:
Download DOTA MAP 6.80b Official by Icefrog

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