When looking of a headphones, its important that it sounds good and also looks good. The Philips Pfixie CitiScape Headphones, is On-ear soft cushions comfortably hug the on-tours of your ears for the best possible fit.

Philips Fixie CitiScape Headphones Review

With its Closed acoustic design for greater bass and noise isolation, the Philips Fixie CitiScape Headphones is a great everyday headphone. 

Design and features
The Fixie CitiSca have a lightweight headband and the set ear-cups have a thick leather padded cushions.

Philips Fixie CitiScape Headphones Review

The ear-cups does not really cover the whole ear, but it does make the noise outside block and it feels not that comfortable for prolong use. If you are an outdoor person this might not because this makes your ear sweat for prolong use during the day.

Philips Fixie CitiScape Headphones Review

The Fixie Citiscape have a metal frame where it holds the earcups, it can be adjusted and based on your comfort zone.

Both earcups can be detach, this is a nice features, if you can find another headphone frame that support same features or better yet if Philips will offer a replaceable headband.

Philips Fixie CitiScape Headphones Review

The Performance
With its High quality 40mm neodymium drivers reproduce a wide frequency range. The sounds feel solid and clear specially when I tried to listen on a heavy bass music and jazz. The isolation from external noise is also a great features but this headphones does not really block it all.

The Philips Fixie CitiSca Headphone looks really nice, the removable earcups is a great feature too. For the comport level I would rate it Fine just as long you wont use this for a prolong time. The inlcuded long cable is another plus features.

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