Tuesday, March 18

How To Bug Smart LTE SIM

How to Bug your Smart LTE SIM for all the LTE SIM card holder who want to have a unlimited surfing the net. (Take note we are not responsible for any damage for your devices by doing this, this post is for educational purpose only)

How To Bug Smart LTE SIM

What you need:

  • NewLTE sim or JUMP-IN (non-LTE) sim
  • Cellphone with FLIGHT enabled in settings.
  • Speedtest app (Download Link) (Skip Ad)

(Instructions) How to Bug LTE SIM

  • 1.Buy a new LTE sim or JUMP IN sim. any sim prefix as long as it's not 0949
  • Subscribe sa FREE SOCIAL send to 5555. Wait for expiration then proceed to step 3
  • Turn on the phone's data connection and check the internal ip using the speedtest app - ip should be or
  • After FREE SOCIAL expires, turn off the phone's data connection and load 50php.
  • Subscribe sa LTE 50 send to 2200.
  • Connect a phone then Check again and internal ip.
  • The required IP is / / or
  • If the IP is correct, wait for it to expire the next day, Make the most of the promo first
  • 30 minutes before expiration, Flight mode the phone. Do not disconnect. Straight to flight mode.
  • after 1hour, remove flight mode.
  • Check the internal ip again using the speedtest app. If you have the same IP in step 6, that's a bug! Congrats!


  • If the bug is successful, it is forbidden to use it for calls and text, it is also forbidden to BAL INQUIRY!
  • Good if you connect to wifi via modem
  • if pocket wifi, no problem on / off device. if phone, no problem connect / disconnect.
  • use it regularly for sure not to be unbug. There is a case that was not used for a few days, it will  unbug.


→ For educational purpose only.