Monday, March 17

How to Speed up B593 LTE Modem

Dear infotech readers, a tuts how to boost your Huawei B593 LTE Mobily modem - internet connection. This is a simple tweak that tried and tested by me. After done this trick my connection gets about 70% - 80% boost! from 26MB download speed up to 46MB download speed.

Tweak to speed up B593 LTE modem

  • Log in to your GUI portal (LTE CPE B593)
  • Go to General Settings
  • Click Internet MTU
  • Change 1500 to 1200
  • Hit submit
  • Done!
How to Speed up LTE CPE B593 Modem

screen shots:

Before B593 MTU(1500)

How to Speed up LTE CPE B593 Modem

 After B593 MTU(1200)

How to Speed up LTE CPE B593 Modem


  1. how to unlock the modem B593U-91.

  2. i have a b593s-22, and i cant change my mtu value to 1200. but i can only change it into 1280.. any help will be appreciated much :D

  3. how did u do it, mine is only 1280 is the least mtu