How to Transfer Data from Old iPad to the New iPad

Transfer Data from an Old iPad to the New iPad

Dear Infotech readers, this are ways to transfer data files from an old iPad to the new iPad you bought Transferring the data is the first task to do when you upgrade to the new Apple iPad.  Its quiet easy to do! You can easily move all of your Apple iPad data like apps, settings, Videos, pictures, Games, music etc. from your old iPad to the new iPad. You can also use this transfer tutorial for moving the data of iPhone and iPod Touch. This is a very easy and simple process. There are 2 possible ways to transfer the data :

  • Using iCloud 
  • Using iTunes.
How to Transfer Data from Old iPad to new iPad using iCloud?

In this tutorial you’ll need to have an iCloud setup and configured on your both iPads. You don’t need computer for this method.

In the Old iPad do the following changes

  • Navigate to Settings and click on iCloud. 
  • Now choose ” Storage & Backup ” option. 
  • Tap on ‘Back up now’ option to process an iCloud backup manually. 
  • You can leave it as it is until the backup process is finished. 
  • Once it is done put old iPad aside and pick up your new iPad.

Tuts how to transfer apps from old iPad to new iPad

  • At the ‘Set up iPad’ screen, choose ‘Restore from iCloud Backup’ option and click ‘Next’. 
  • Now Login to your iCloud account and just choose the backup you already have created using the old iPad. 
  • Tap on ‘Restore’ option and it will start to transfer the data files from iCloud on to your new iPad.

Wasn’t it easy? Finally All your data will be transferred from old iPad to new iPad. Keep in mind that data transfer speed in this process depends upon the internet connection you are using. So for quick transfer make use of faster internet connection.

Move Data from Old iPad to new iPad using iTunes

Suppose you aren’t having an internet connection that provides fast speed, then you can use iTunes to migrate data from old iPad to the new one. Having a computer is vital for this process. So connect old iPad to the computer with the data cable you have.
  • Click and Launch the iTunes application on your computer .
  • From the sidebar panel in the iTunes software, right-click on the ‘iPad’ name and choose ‘Back up’ option. 
  • iTunes will start its process to backup the data. Once data transfer is completed , keep iTunes running and disconnect old iPad from the computer. Simply hook out the data cable 
  • Before connection the new iPad to computer, click the ‘Set up iPad’ screen, choose ‘Restore from iTunes Backup’ > Tap ‘Next’. 
  • Now connect new iPad to computer and choose the most recent backup from the restore menu. 
  • Now click “Continue” and don’t power off computer or remove iPad until the transfer is not completed.
Both are the easy methods to move data from old ipad to new ipad. If you are not having a computer than go with the iCloud method and if you are having computer than go with iTunes method. iTunes method provides better data transfer speed.

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