Torque has become the major competitor among other local brands like MyPhone, CloudFone, Skk Mobile, StarMobile and Cherry Mobile

They want to prove that they are the best local mobile manufacturer in the Philippines. And Infotech is waiting for Torque's first octa core phone and Tablet to be unveil! In the meantime here are the Torque Mobile Price-list 2014 for Quad Core, Dual Core and Single Core and some are already available in the market today!

Torque Android Phones line up for 2013 including single, dual and quad core powered smartphones at affordable price.

Torque Quad Core Android Phones  Price list

P4,999 - Torque Droidz QUAD - Torque's cheapest Quad Core
P8,499 - Torque Droidz LIFE HD - 5.5" IPS HD display, quad core, 3G/HSPA+
P6,499 - Torque Droidz MOTION

Torque Dual Core Android Phones Price list

P3,999 - Torque Droidz AVATAR TV
P3,999 - Torque Droidz ATOM
P3,499 - Torque Droidz ATOM X
P3,499 - Torque Droidz PLAY TV
P3,399 - Torque Droidz ATOM S - 4.0" WVGA display, dual core, 3G
P2,999 - Torque Droidz PLAY 3G

Torque Single Core Android Phones Price list

P3,499 - Torque Droidz SPAN
P3,299 - Torque  Droidz STARK 3G - 4.5" display, Android JB OS
P3,099 - Torque Droidz BLAST
P2,999 - Torque Droidz BLAST X
P2,499 - Torque Droidz FORCE
P2,499 - Torque Droidz POP 3G
P2,299 - Torque Droidz MATCH TV
P1,999 - Torque Droidz BEAT TV
P1,899 - Torque Droidz SPORT

Torque Dual Core Android Tablets Price list

P8,488 - Torque Droidz PORTAL - dual SIM, Dual Core
P7,699 - Torque Droidz Mini Q  - dual SIM
P7,499 - Torque Droidz ULTIMATE - Dual SIM, Dual Core, 3G
P5,699 - Torque Droidz Mini D - 7.85" display, dual SIM, dual core, 3G
P4,399 - Torque Droidz PUSH - Dual Core CPU, Single SIM
P4,199 - Torque Droidz PORTAL X - 7.0" dislay, dual SIM, dual core, 3G
P3,499 - Torque Droidz PUSH+/i - 7.0" display, dual core, 8GB internal
P2,999 - Torque Droidz DUO TV/+
P2,699 - Torque Droidz DUO
P2,499 - Torque Droidz DUO Slim - 7.0" display, dual core, Android 4.2 JB

Torque Single Core Android Tablets Price list

P3,199 - Torque Droidz DRIVE+/i - single SIM, 8 GB
P3,999 - Torque Droidz DRIVE - single SIM
P3,699 - Torque Droidz DASH
P3,699 - Torque Droidz RACE
P3,499 - Torque Droidz SPACE 3G
P2,999 - Torque Droidz DRIVE S/Slim
P2,999 - Torque Droidz ACTIVE 3G
P2,999 - Torque Droidz DRIVE Slim
P2,999 - Torque Droidz RACE X
P2,199 - Torque Droidz DASH X
P2,149 - Torque Droidz EDGE/+ - 7.0" display, Android 4.2 JB OS

Torque WiFi and TV PHONES Price list

P2,499 - i78 Stream
P1,999 - i85 WiFi
P1,999 - i77 Click
P1,699 - i75TV
P1,699 - i20 TV + WiFi
P1,499 - i80 TV + WiFi
P1,499 - i18 Fad
P1,199 - i15 TV
P1,199 - DQ10TV
P1,099 - DTV15 Slim
P1,099 - DTV20
P999 - DTV10
P899 - DTV5
P899 - DTV8

Torque FEATURE PHONES Price list

P849 - D11
P799 - D10 Slim
P799 - D9
P699 - D5
P699 - D5i
P649 - E2
P599 - D1
P5,99 - D1i/D1c/D1e
P499 - E3


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