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Wanted Txtmate! (Looking for BF, GF, Friends, Clans, Groups)

Wanted Txtmate

Tired of being alone or are you boring today? are you kind of a loner or melancholic person? Then this page is right for you, here you can find TXTMATES!!!

As Laptops, Tablets etc., (gadgets) is rising but still mobile phones is not the last among the high end gadgets, and looking for txtmates still there hanging on from the mobile trends.

In Filipino:
Kung ikaw ay isang tao / teen ager na naghahanap ng makaka-usap o kaka-abalahan at kakulitan sa gabi (hi Gud Eve poh)? sa umaga (Morning Friend, Gandang umaga)? tuwing kakain ka (kumain ka na)? sa Break Time (Muzta u?)? Kung makikipagkita (Where na U? Dito na ME!)

Eto ang Page para sa mga naghahanap ng TXTMATE (Taong walang magawa at gustong makakilala ng bagong kaibgan o Partner. Paki Post  nalang number nyo and some info about yourself. Please po Wala po bastusan ha? Gud Luck and Be Happy!

Sample Post:
Nasl: Name Age Sex Location
Name: Handsome Billy
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Location: Philippines
Phone No.: 09109109797

(In some Laguages)

In American:
If you are a man / teen ager seeking able to talk at night (hi Gud Eve)? in the morning (Morning Friend, Good morning)? Whenever you eat (done eating)? at Break Time (hello how are you?) If you will meet on eyeball (Where are U? Im Here!)

Speaking Page for looking TXTMATE (Person helpless and wants to meet new friends or Partner. Just Post number and some info about yourself. Please Respect each other! Good Luck and Happy Texting!

In German:
Wenn Sie ein Mann / Teen ager sucht in der Lage, in der Nacht (hallo Gud Eva) zu sprechen? am Morgen (Morgen Freund, guten Morgen)? Immer, wenn Sie essen (Essen fertig)? in der Pause (Hallo, wie geht es Ihnen?) Wenn Sie auf Augapfel treffen (Wo sind U? Im hier!)

Apropos Seite suchen TXTMATE (Person hilflos und will neue Freunde oder Partner. Just Post Nummer und einige Infos über sich selbst zu treffen. Bitte respektieren einander! Viel Glück und Happy SMS!

In Korean:
당신은 (안녕하세요 하느님의 이브) 밤에 말을 할 수 추구하는 사람 / 어른이 있다면? 아침에 (아침 친구, 좋은 아침)? 당신이 먹을 때마다 (식사 수행)? 휴식 시간(안녕하세요 당신 얼마나?)안구충족하는 경우 (U어디? 여기에!)

TXTMATE (사람무기력 찾고 페이지의 말하기자신에 대해 새로운 친구 또는 파트너. 그냥 우편 번호 및 일부 정보를 만나고 싶어. 서로를 존중하십시오! 행운과 행복 문자 메시지!
In European:

Se você é um homem ager / adolescente em busca capaz de falar durante a noite (oi Gud Eva)? na parte da manhã (Manhã Amigo, Bom dia)? Sempre que você come (feito comer)? a Break Time (Olá, como você está?) Se você se reunirá no globo ocular (Onde estão os U? Im Aqui!)

Falando página para olhar TXTMATE (Pessoa indefeso e quer conhecer novos amigos ou número de parceiros. Basta postar e algumas informações sobre si mesmo. Favor, respeite os outros! Boa sorte e feliz Texting!
In Spanish:
Si usted es un gerente hombre / adolescente buscando capaz de hablar por la noche (hi Gud Eva)? de la mañana (Mañana amigo, buenos días)? Cada vez que usted come (acabado de comer)? a Break Time (hola ¿cómo estás?) Si usted se reunirá el globo ocular (where are u? Im aquí!)

Hablando Página por mirar TXTMATE (persona indefensa y quiere conocer a nuevos amigos o número de socio. Just Post y algo de información acerca de usted. Por favor respetarnos! Buena suerte y feliz mensajes de texto!

Feel Free To Post

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  1. Name: jherssie Dichosa
    Age: 18 yr.old
    Sex: Female
    Location: Philippines
    Phone no.: 09303633775