This is my best tips on how to get a legendary heroes in Castle Clash. This is not hack related or Glitch! 

Get your FREE Legendary Hero in Castle Clash

This was done and tested by me many times and it does work like a charm! This guides works perfect for those newbies who do not have any legendary hero in their base. Following this guide will help you particularly a level 1 - 12 town hall with 4 hero base and 4 guard tower to farm HBM A to HBM J and Hero Trials with the help of LEGENDARY HERO'S.

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Lets Do it!

3 Guides How to get a Legendary Hero in Castle Clash

First Guide (Gem Rolls): You can Get Legendary hero 100% like:
  • Cupid
  • Moltanica Dragon
  • Pumpkin Duke
  • SnowZilla
  • Vlad Dracula
  • Aries
  • Orksbane
Create account just download Castle Clash.apk on GooglePlay and install to your Phone or Tablet. (for new player)
For old player: Playing Castle Clash already do this.

  • Earned at-least 1050 Gems
  • Roll this gems in order
  • First roll 150Gems (One hero)
  • Second roll 450Gems (3 heroes)
  • Third roll 450Gems (3 Heroes)
  • 100% you will get 1 or 2 Legendary hero like this I roll:
Vlad Dracula, Reaper and Cupid in One Roll (450Gems)

Vlad Dracula, Reaper and Cupid in One Roll (450Gems)
  • You only need 1050 Gems to roll.
  • Everytime you have 1050 Gems, roll and follow my instruction above.
Note: You can get / earn 1050 Gems by log in daily with 30gems for free (you know what I mean) Plus gems on daily mission or HT. (but you can buy Gems if you want)

Second Guide (Shards): You can Get Legendary hero 100% like:

  • Thunder God (2200 Shards)
  • Immortep (7500 Shards)
  • Reaper (7000 Shards)
  • Ninja (2000 Shards)
  • Champion (1400 Shards)
  • Succubus (1600 Shards)
  • Paladin (1200 Shards)
  • Druid (1800 Shards)
Thunder God Shard Buying

  • Get 3000 Might first then Join GUILD 
  • Follow Group Leader Instruction (know the Boss Fight and Torch Battle time event)
  • Join Boss Fight (BF) Torch Battle (TB) event and earn up to 900 to 700 SHARDS per Torch Battle Glory of your Team Guild. And chance to get 14,300 HB in Boss Fight.
  • Get Shards by Farming Dungeons.
  • After 3 Torch Battle Fight you can now get atleast 1 Legendary hero
  • You can now buy THUNDER GOD with 2,200 SHARDS (you earn from Torch battle, Dungeon and Mission)
Note: Don't Buy Druid and Paladin, you can get Free,. Get Druid for free every 30 days.

Third Guide (Hero Card): You can Get Legendary hero 100% like:

  • Pumpkin Duke
  • Vlad Dracula
  • Reaper
  • Champion
  • and others
The TRICK: Join MESA (Mesa 1, Mesa 2, Mesa 3)
Use attack damage heroes like:
For Newbies: Thunder God, Succubus, Druid, Executioner, Paladin
For Perma Stunners: Thunder God, Pumpkin Duke, Minotaur, Moltanica, Druid

You can get PURPLE MESA BOX and GET like this...

I get Pumpkin Duke (PD) in MESA 1 Purple Box
Pumpkin Duke 9/9
 Actually I consume the PD I claim in Hero Card. (No Screen Shot that time)

If you have some clarifications or questions just Comment below!

Get Castle Clash Legendary Hero 100% Free

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  1. I tried ur guide 1, it gave me a ninja after third roll. But tried again and again, there's nothing.
    And also ur guide 3, using ur suggested hero's for mesa 1 but no good chest for any legendary heheros.

    1. hey Zhentong, on guide #1 don't spend bounty of gems, just roll 1050Gems only in a day then next day again.

      then on Guide 3, on Mesa1 position your heroes left side next to the center (you know what i mean) don't place on the center bottom. In Mesa 2 position your heroes on bottom right. (more damage more chances to get purple box)

    2. Hi, can u explain to me about trick #3? Should i join with other player or i can go solo? And which one is "left side to the center?"

    3. lol there is no center get rolled

  2. Hey bro your guide works accelent. I got thunder God at first day and vlad dracula on the second day. And your position for messa 1 is absolutely correct i got purple box every time. i have not got any legendary hero card yet. can u tell me how to get a legendary hero card???

  3. is that strategy roll 1 3 3 also work for old player?

  4. In guide 3 show us in pictures how to place the heroes

  5. Can u please explain clearly the mesa 1/2/3/4 part the positions and placing heroes and all thanks in advance

  6. excellent man i got Vlad Dracula , Aries & Cupid its amazing

  7. I only got gelatinous champion :(

  8. in your guide #1 i will roll 1050 not in one day so first day 150 gems and 2nd day 450 and third day 450 is that how to roll gems to get legendary heroes?

  9. I have vlad dracula, pixie, paladin, succubus, thunder god, executioner, assasinate, immortep and druid.
    As per your guide #3 which all shoud i use to get the pink box with legendary hero card.

  10. Hey bro can you please explain to me guide #1 I just roll right now but there's no legendary appear. I loose my 1050 gem

  11. I have tried,but it just give me elite heroes. So,please help me how to get legendary hero?.

  12. yeah same here! no legendary hero!!
    Is this trick#1 roll gems on no gem event gap? ie should roll gems when no IGG events of gem spends going on?
    tell the trcks for old players to get the legendary heros ...

    1. I used to roll many ledgendaries using this trick but with recent update i can't rol any more legendary

  13. I had tried the trick #1 and I got 3 legendary hero but after latest upgrade it doesn't work. Tell me any trick to get Vlad/Santa boom.

  14. do you have to download castle clash. APK

  15. Wow!! I can't believe #1 really did work.!!!!
    I got paladin in first 1050 gems. Then after collecting heroes. I rolled another 1050 gems. And guess what!!!!
    I got Grimfiend !!!!! :D