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How to get Castle Clash Secret Code

 Castle Clash Secret Code

After the Castle Clash 1.2.62 update on android, a lot of free give aways events and contests on IGG happen this holiday season. Like daily a 100 Gems for free just sign in and tap. They also giving away free shards and honor badges for a single purchase of 1400 Gems worth of $10 only.
Download Free Castle Clash Secret Code Generator Here

Castle Clash Secret Code

In Castle Clash 1.2.62 update a new hero arrives it is called 'Santa Boom' a punisher and also they have this event called 'Sercet Code' where you can get a free legendary heroes and Gems. All you have to do is go to more event section and place or type in the 'secret code'. This codes depends on a hero or a gems. You can get free 300Gems secret code. [Go here]

Try this Secret Codes:
Get a Free Pumpkin Duke Secret Code
Get a  Secret Code
Get a Free GEMS Secret Code

Update: All code currently not working now! We will update it soon.

This codes can be use in all version. There's no info yet about expiration of Secret Codes and How many players can use with the same Castle Clash Secret Code.

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