Free Unlimited 300Gems Castle Clash 1.2.62 Legit No Hack!

Castle Clash: FREE 300 Gems - How to earn, claim and get

  1. Unlimited Free 300 Gems on Castle Clash Facebook Version
  2. Unlimited Free 300 Gems on Castle Clash Amazon Version
  3. Unlimited Free 300 Gems on Castle Clash iPhone Version
  4. Unlimited Free 300 Gems on Castle Clash Android Version
  5.  Unlimited Free 300 Gems on Castle Clash iOS Version

What you need:

  • Talent Refresh Card
  • Quest Board: Refresh a Talent


  • Buy Talent Refresh Card on Warehouse
Refresh Card

  • Refresh Card only Cost you 300Merits
  • I recommend that you always buy Refresh Card on Warehouse whenever it is available (Don't ever miss a single)
  • Now Go to your Quest Board
Quest Board Castle Clash

  • Be sure you have a REFRESH TALENT quest
  • and we all know this quest will give us a 300GEMS REWARD if we completed

  • Now here's the trick, Tap on the Refresh Talent Quest (ex: 2nd quest above image)
  • Now DON'T spend your 300Gems on the quest
  • Go to your WAREHOUSE and use the REFRESH CARD you Bought
  • Then Use and Click Reroll (Use Refresh Card)

Talent Re-Roll Castle Clash

  • Done!
  • Now you completed the quest without spending 300Gems
  • Congratulations! You got 300Gems Rewards for Completing the REFRESH TALENT QUEST
  • Now do this Tricks From time to Time whenever you have a Refresh a Talent Quest on your Quest Board.

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